What is a Shower Hob?

shower hob

A shower hob is a safety bar that you put in your shower to hold in water when you are washing. It is a simple device that can be installed in minutes and it costs very little to buy.

The hob can be found at hardware stores and are typically made of rubber-coated aluminium or plastic with three legs on one side to grip the floor securely when under pressure.

A hob is fitted to the bottom of a shower when it has been designed for standing in, and a bath mat is on top next to the walls.

To put in place using the three legs to hold the hob against the sidewall tiles of your bath or shower. Then fill with water until its level reaches just below the height of your knees below the wall, so you can stand comfortably without slipping over.

Its design also stops any children from getting into the bath while you are using it if they try.

The hob is very useful for people who have mobility problems or those that have had surgery and require help bathing as well as young children, pregnant women and elderly people.

The hob is used to keep water in the bath or shower so you don’t slip over when getting out and can be of help if someone needs assistance.

It may be recommended that you use one at the far end of your bathtub so you do not slip on it while exiting or entering the tub.

Is a Shower Hob Waterproofed?

Not all shower hobs have waterproofing but some can be used in both wet and dry places.

There are several brands available out there (including rubber-coated aluminium or plastic) with three legs on one side to grip the floor securely when under pressure.

The reasons why you may require a shower hob could include slipping on floors, standing up from the tub without holding onto anything for support, reaching across the bathtub and falling.

They do not require any drilling, screws or adhesives so they are easy to remove and use for other purposes.

Unlike a lot of anti-slip mat membranes which come in different shapes and sizes, you will only find a few different types of shower hobs available in many hardware stores.

Types of Shower Hobs

There are many different kinds of shower hobs such as a stylish rubber-coated aluminium one and another is an adjustable stainless steel version that has 3 legs.

Some people prefer to use a bath mat instead, while others prefer to place them inside the tub or behind their feet when taking a bath. Some waterproofing versions for added protection on hardwood flooring in case there was some sort of leak or overflow the drain from your bathtub when you’re bathing.

Shower hobs can be quite effective if you have little children who tend to jump in the tub or run around when they’re inside it because it’s much safer. Aside from being anti-slip, you should always think about other ways to prevent you from slipping especially when you’re using the bathtub.

These preventative measures could help keep you safe and prevent those accidents that lead to serious injuries in which might require medical attention in the bathroom so it is worth considering.

Some people usually use these hobs while taking a shower or having their baths but not everybody does it as some people do not even know about this product’s existence. There is no harm done if you want to give them a try because they are pretty cheap and easy to set up so there should be nothing holding you back if you’re thinking of getting one of these for your own safety.

It’s also important to always check with the packaging on how rough the surface is before installing them because some surfaces can scratch your tubs’ finish making it more slippery than before. As a safety precaution, you should always check to see if the hob is within easy reach when you are taking your bath or shower and try to remember that it’s there in case you need it.

If You Need Help With All The Different Types Of Shower Hobs Available Out There Then Here Is A Chart To Help You Compare Them And Choose Which One Is Best For Your Needs.

A shower hob will come in a wide variety of materials and styles which include:

Safety bar – A safety bar for the end of tubs that can help you get out of the bathtub easier, they are typically made from aluminium, rubber-coated and have three legs on one side to grip the floor securely when under pressure so they do not slide around when stepped on.

Pillow mat – The mat is designed to replace rimless shower pans as an inexpensive alternative or for those who simply want something extra secure at their feet that won’t slip all over the place as you wet in your tub.

Rug – A shag rug used for placing under the feet of a reclining person or will protect the floor when in use.

Shower stool – To sit on during bathing.

Shower caddy/basket – A portable container, typically made from mesh that is suspended by a handle to place over your showerhead so you can conveniently hang your bottles and shampoo while taking a shower. The basket has an adjustable rubber band strap around it with plastic buckles that provide an easy way to dry items while inside the tub.

Shower mat – They are typically made from PVC foam or fabric although there are some waterproof versions available where they have been coated with silicone which acts as a water repellent surface so the mat doesn’t slip.

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