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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, and when it comes time for renovation, there are many choices to make. Choosing what style you want your bathroom to be is the first step- from traditional or modern to rustic or farmhouse. After that has been decided, choosing a layout and then materials will help you finish up with a beautiful new bathroom. This blog post will provide information on each part of renovating your bathroom so you know what’s going on in Australia.
Do you want to renovate your bathroom? If so, it is important to get all the information before making any decisions. These guides will provide a list of resources for those looking for more information about bathroom renovation guides in Australia. It also provides a list of things you should know before beginning your project. Are you thinking about remodelling your bathroom? If so, there are many things to consider. These renovation guides provide a list of things you should be aware of before beginning the project. It also provides resources for those looking for more information about Renos in Australia.
This is an important part of the renovation process. It is important to consider how much space there is in your bathroom when you are deciding on a layout. In this guide, we provide a list of different types of layouts that may work for your bathroom . These renovation guides provide steps on choosing what materials you want to use in your new bathroom and lists those materials with their benefits and disadvantages. These guides also have instructions on finding professionals who can help make your dream bath a reality.
Renovating your bathroom requires knowledge and planning. If you aren’t sure about all the renovations involved, these blog posts will help inform you before you start the project. They include information about organising contractors as well as other tools of the trade. It also contains a list of our favourite bathroom renovations in Australia and what worked for those who did the renovating. These renovation guides provide information on styles you can use to design your new bathroom. These include modern, traditional, rustic or farmhouse and many others.
bathtub resurfacing costs in australia
Bathroom Renovation

Bathtub Resurfacing Cost

Bathtub resurfacing in your house, when and how is best to do it, and the costs in Australia.

bathroom waterproofing
Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Waterproofing

Everything about waterproofing your bathroom, bathroom floors, bath tub and bathroom stalls and why it is important to do it.

bathroom tiles
Bathroom Renovation

Cost to Tile Bathroom in Australia

If you are ready for a bathroom renovation, at Specifier you can find out how much it will cost you and how to replace the tiles in your bathroom.

bathroom vanity
Bathroom Renovation

What is a Vanity?

What the bathroom vanity is, where you can found it and some useful tips for your bathroom vanity.

island bath
Bathroom Renovation

What is an Island Bath?

An island bath, advantages and disadvantages and differences between an island bath and other types of baths.

hobless shower
Bathroom Renovation

What is a Hobless Shower?

A hobless shower, advantages of the same and how to waterproof it. Here at Specifier all the details about a hobless shower.

bath hob
Bathroom Renovation

What is a Bath Hob?

A bath hob vs shower hob and explanation where it is situated and how it is used.

shower hob
Bathroom Renovation

What is a Shower Hob?

If you didn’t know what a shower hob is, here at Specifier you can read everything about it. Why it is good to use and are they waterproof?

bathroom fans vent
Bathroom Renovation

Where Do Bathroom Fans Vent To?

Bathroom vents ventilation and everything you need to know about them for your home. Here at Specifier, you can read about it.

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