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Solatube’s Zero-to-90 Extension Tubes consists of three built-in 30 degree angle adapters that permit tubing to bypass attic obstructions, eliminate ductwork, wiring, cabling, and effectively hide installation along the opposite roofline. The Zero-to-90 degree extension tubes comprise of SolaTube International’s Spectralight Infinity, which permits such dramatic twists and turns for without compromise on lighting performance. These extension tubes are available for installation with the SolaTube Brighten Up Series, including SolaTube 160DS and SolaTube 290DS Daylighting Systems.

Whether it be adding to the period style of the home or injecting some personality, Skydome supplies a range of Renaissance skylights that are available for choice. The Renaissance series features standout ceiling frames and diffuser designs and the option of electric light back-lighting at night. The skylights are supplied in an octagonal or long octagonal shape and can be fitted to any roof type.

Custom-built glass roofs by Skyview Constructions are a classy way to bring the outdoors indoors and vice versa.  The summer sun can be enjoyed without the heat and damage-causing UV rays, and when winter hits the rolling motion of the clouds can be observed in the comfort of an interior space.  The glass is manufactured with the latest glass technology, with a durable long lasting powder coat finish and a glass compliant certification.  Skyview’s experienced engineers provide structurally sound roofs, with uncompromised designs due to the high standard in workmanship completeing the finished product.  


Custom made from unique designs  +  made with the latest glass technology  + glass compliant certification 

With vast knowledge on roof construction techniques, a large database of materials and design experience, Skyview Constructions’ speciality is no doubt their Retractable Roof Structures.  Skyview undertake the full scope of Retractable roof projects, dealing with the design, structural soundness, and installation. The end product is a dynamic roof system where the experiential qualities are easy to alter to fit any occasion.  Backyards are transformed creating a special space for gathering or simply relaxing, between the outdoors and the indoors.  Additional gadgets such as rain sensors and remotes are available so that spaces and guests can be protected from the rain or enjoy the sun with one click of a button.  With such a concentrated knowledge, Skyview Construction is the premium choice for retractable roof systems.


Optional rain sensors and remotes  +  Custom-built  +  Specialize in retractable roof structures

Hydraulically driven lift-up glass roofs have been designed by AGP in order to make way for an extremely versatile hybrid living space. These roofs prove to be perfect for sun rooms in homes and apartments where there is limited space. The superior design and easy operation makes the most of inner space, providing natural air ventilation, yet gives the option of complete weather protection against rain and wind. AGP can also combine the lift-up roof with motorised glass louvres for additional lighting and ventilation.

Glass floors, as well as providing an amazing architectural feature for both residential and commercial buildings, can boast several practical benefits. The most noteworthy one is that of letting natural light pass to space beneath; thereby minimising the need for artificial lighting. The team at Architectural Glass Projects, which consists of quality designers and engineers, ensures that each project is undertaken as per the clients’ design and to the strictest quality standards available.

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