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Housing is an important investment that many of us make. Whether you are looking to buy a house, renovate your current home or build from scratch, it's important to understand the process and what factors can affect the cost of a house

We've put together some housing build guides for Australia to help you understand how much a new house will cost in your area - whether this be Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane - then share more detailed insights into various building types including brick veneer houses, concrete frame homes and modular homes. Along with our helpful infographic on what affects the price of a home - such as location, number of bedrooms and type of construction.

We also have a dedicated guide for builders and architects to help you understand the various stages of building. Look at our home plans section where we've put together a range of plan styles with variations in house layouts across different price points.

Some common questions for builders in Australia include how much does it cost to build a house? What is the process of building a house? How long does it take to build a house? How much does it cost to build a brick veneer house? How do I find a builder? These are all questions we've answered on this site to guide your way through the process of building or renovating your home.

Modern House in Australia

Adding a Room to a House Average Cost Australia

We did the research about extending your home. Stay with us and find about the costs and advantages of extending your home.


House Extension Costs

There are a lot of types of house extensions that are common in Australia. Here we write about the types, prices, and advantages of home extensions.


Attic Conversion

Do you have an attic in your house? You do not use it and you want to convert it? At Specifier you can read is it worth the price you will pay.


Loft Conversion

If you want to turn your loft into a living space, here you will find some useful tips on how to do it as well as the cost in Australia.


Washing Machine Size

A washing machine is an appliance that every modern home owns. Different types of washing machines and their standard dimensions


Dining Table Size

Dining table size is usually determined by how many people it can accommodate. Here at Specifier, you can read about different sizes and standard dining tables.


What is Double Brick?

Double brick homes in Australia and is a good option to build a double brick house. Specifier explains the differences between double brick vs common brick houses.


What is Brick Veneer?

Brick veneer vs brick and double brick. What are the pros and cons of brick veneer and is it cheaper? Read about it.


Master Bedroom Size

How big are rooms in a typical house in Australia. Everything about the average sizes of rooms in a family home in Australia.


Standard Ceiling Heights Australia

Standard height of the ceiling and walls in your home in Australia. Here at Specifier you can read about the regulations in Australia as well as some useful tips about your home.


What is a Duplex?

What is a duplex home and what does it mean in Australia? Are Duplex homes common in Australia? At Specifier you can read everything about it.


Handrails for Outdoor Steps Australia

Here at Specifier, you can read about outdoor handrails, how to install them and the benefits of installing them in your home.


Outdoor Ceiling Material

Here at Specifier you can read everything about outdoor ceiling materials, which are best to use and how you can do it.


Where Do Bathroom Fans Vent To?

Bathroom vents ventilation and everything you need to know about them for your home. Here at Specifier, you can read about it.

Bathroom Renovation

Should Bathroom Mirror Touch Backsplash?

Bathroom mirrors, how should you install it and what are the best for your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation

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