YO! Sushi lands at Sydney Airport

YO! is part of a chain specialising in sushi and street food from Japanese cuisine. The chain began 20 years ago, with the intention of introducing authentic Japanese food to London. Because of its success, it has spread over 100 locations around the world. With wide views of the open plan kitchen, customers and diners can see their food being freshly made in front of them.

Apart from the authenticity and freshness, the chain is also committed to minimizing its impact on the environment. The supply of fish comes from a reliable source, instead of serving fish that is considered to be an endangered species, and also offer a variety of vegetarian options; appealing to all kinds of diners!

Allplastics has provided the acrylic panels for the DCB Development at “YO! Sushi” in the Sydney airport. In the photo, it is evident that the installation of the custom-made 10mm clear acrylic sheets with polished edges, are back lit. The translucent film was then applied to the back of the acrylic behind the pattern graphics. Phil Abbiss, the National project manager at DCB also added that “Allplastics capably cut and polished the panels in a very tight timeframe”, making it an enticing yet exciting place to dine.

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