What is a Hobless Shower?

hobless shower

A hobless shower is when the water is piped in under the ground, into a storage tank. We install an electric pump unit that sucks water out of the tank and pumps it through a hose to your house. The efficiency of this type of system is typically between 70% and 75%.

Advantages of a Hobless Shower

There are several advantages to a Hobless Shower:

You will conserve water

Hobless Showers have up to a 75% efficiency rate on the amount of water used in the shower. Compare this to a typical shower head which is only 3%-15%. The US EPA estimates that every 1 minute spent in an old fashioned shower with a traditional head, could be saved by switching to your new hobless system. Not only do you save water but also energy costs as well.

Your hot showers will be hotter than ever before because your cold water is now heated in our specially made tanks. All of our systems have a built-in thermostat that regulates the heat to match your hot water heater’s temperature so you don’t waste energy heating water above what it needs to be. By conserving water and energy, you could save hundreds of dollars every year on your utility bills.

When not in use, the system is turned off. Hobless Showers only run when they are being used for a shower and are only running at full capacity while someone is in them. This eliminates all unnecessary electric usage and prevents wasteful runoff from entering the sewer system. You will never need to replace any parts. No replacement heads, no replacing old valves or pipes. The pump operates silently and therefore there is no noise. You can have a hot shower without worrying about running out of hot water; you will never run out!

You can save money by using less water overall. By conserving water, you are also saving on all the energy used in heating your water and the hassle of waiting for hot water to get to your bathroom.

Hobless Showers take less time to install than other systems so it saves you money on labor costs! The Hobless is an easy DIY project that only requires basic plumbing knowledge so it may be best to leave this work to a licenses plumber to help install a hobless shower system.

What is a Hobbed Showerhead?

A hobbed showerhead works like a regular shower head but instead of the water coming directly out, it comes out in pulses. this gives an effect that feels very similar to being hand held which means that you don’t have to do any directing or targeting yourself, because your partner does it for you.

What is a Shower Hob?

The shower hob is the main part of your hobless system. The shower hob requires 150psi to operate and has a timer for each person depending on how long you want to be in the shower. Each hob can hold between 9-20 minutes of water at 150psi and comes with hoses, pumps, valves, everything you need to get started except the tank and electricity.

Hobbed ShowerHeads come in many different shapes and sizes so it best that you find one that suits your needs perfectly. We suggest picking out from our designs below:

If you have any questions on selecting your new Hob or setting up your system please contact

When will I Need to Schedule a Plumber for a Hobbed Shower?

If you get either no pressure or very little pressure from the hobbed showerhead then you would need someone to come out and inspect the pump unit at which time it would be determined whether or not a repair is needed. This could include replacing parts by the technician as well as replacing parts by yourself if no other option is available for you. The good news is that there are no parts to change after you do purchase a hobbed showerhead package.

The hobless water pump will require full operation before the system can turn on and run properly. This may only need to be done once by your plumber on initial installation of the hobless system.

How do You Supply Water to Your House for Hobless Shower?

The hobless shower system gets its water in the same way that the hot and cold water in your home does. This means that you will have to make sure that you have a connector for the pump to be attached to your existing pipeline so if there is not one, then you may need someone like a plumber or handyman to come out and install the necessary parts in order for it all to work properly.

How Long do Hoses Last?

Hoses tend to wear out over time but they also depend on how much use you get from them as well. Some people have had their hoses for over 5 years while others have less than one year. It all depends on how often you use your hobless showerhead, the more it gets used the quicker it will wear out.

How to Waterproof a Shower Base for a Hobless Shower?

One of the ways to waterproof a shower base is to line it with a liquid membrane, such as those used in flooring. This membrane has adhesive on both sides, so it is applied to the shower floor in 2 layers. It also comes with squeegee and roller tools that can be used to make sure all bubbles are worked out

A liquid membrane provides a thorough, waterproof barrier without having seams, which makes it very easy to clean if the bottom of your shower ever gets wet or if you have an accident. However,

if you have a tile floor in your bathroom already, this method may not work for you since tiles must be kept secure through the mortar between them.

One of the easiest ways to keep water from coming up under your tile floor is laying use tar paper or building paper beneath each row of tiles.

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