What is a Garage Door Screen?

If you’re looking to add a bit of extra security and privacy to your garage door, installing a screen is sure to do the trick. There are a number of benefits to adding a garage screen, including (but not limited to) noise reduction and additional security.

Garage Door Screens

Spring-loaded screens also give your home that additional air of privacy. Plus, they’re easily removable when you want them gone. If you’re looking for a way to shut out the elements while remaining able to enjoy fresh air, then a garage door screen is sure to do the trick. Spring-loaded, they pop out on either side of the garage door.

Types of Garage Door Screens

These door screens can be made from a variety of materials and come in three distinct types: mesh, solid and retractable.


Mesh garage screens use aluminium or steel wire punched with holes to keep the door screen lightweight while allowing easy visibility outside. Mesh garage screens are perfect for households with pets, the wiring pattern of the mesh garage screens won’t allow your furry friend’s paws to get caught.


Solid garage screens are constructed using one-piece aluminium frames that fit tightly together for strength, durability and privacy. They come with an aluminium or vinyl-clad finish and usually match the colour of your garage doors. A solid screen is great for households with children as they provide extra safety.


Garage screen doors add convenience and security by rolling up into recessed tracks when not in use. They’re made from durable materials and come with high performance, premium quality mesh screens. This type of garage door screen is a perfect choice if you crave additional privacy, but still want the convenience of leaving your garage door open for ventilation.

Can You Use a Screen on an Existing Garage Door?

You can buy a screen for your existing garage door, but it’s important to bear in mind that the size of the door may vary depending on where you live. To ensure that your new screen fits perfectly, measure your door carefully before purchasing one.

May a Screen Stop My Dog from Scratching at the Panel?

Garage screens are not designed to function as a barrier for pets. If your furry friend is prone to scratching up wooden panels, you could install aluminium panelling on either side of the screen so they can’t damage the door

Can I Use an Automatic Garage Door Opener with My New Screen?

You’ll need to consult your local electrician or qualified professional to find out if an automatic door opener may work smoothly with your new screen. If you’re installing a solid door screen, it’s best not to install this type of opener, as these screens are very strong and may break the retractable passage door mechanism.

How do I Clean My Garage Door Screens?

This type of door might seem like a lot of effort because it doesn’t open fully, but don’t worry as your screen won’t need a lot of cleaning. Regularly removing any built-up dirt, dust and debris from the garage door may ensure it remains clean and functional for years to come

To remove stubborn dirt from the mesh, use a vacuum with a brush head that has soft bristles or a microfibre cloth with water only. To remove sunscreen streaks from opaque screens, dampen a soft sponge in lukewarm water and wipe dry immediately.

Lifestyle Garage Screen Door

If you’re after a functional and stylish addition to your home, we recommend opting for a lifestyle garage screen door. Not only do these look great but the lifestyle garage screen door is custom-designed to blend seamlessly with modern exteriors.

To increase the security and privacy factor of your new screen, consider purchasing windows that open and close automatically and allow ventilation when it’s needed most. Sunscreens can shield your home from excessive heat in summer while maintaining views to enjoy when it’s cooler out. When the temperature drops, double glazed windows keep warmth inside during winter months by blocking strong winds or bugs from entering through holes in mesh screens.

garage door screen
The Installation of Garage Door Screen

Do I Need Approval Before Installing a Garage Screen?

If you plan on carrying out this type of upgrade yourself, you could check with your local council before buying a screen. The size, material and shape of the window are all factors that may be considered when determining whether it requires approval. Make sure you consult a professional.

Is an Automatic Garage Door Opener Necessary?

If you plan on using your new screen regularly, purchasing an automatic door opener is recommended. You won’t need to worry about getting into or out of your home in bad weather conditions such as rainstorms or snowfall either because automated door openers work smoothly even in the worst conditions.

Features of Garage Screens

  • The most common type of door screen is a metal mesh that opens and closes automatically.
  • Most screens are custom-made to fit over your existing door without the use of tools or bolts.
  • Modern, custom-designed doors offer enhanced security, access control and protection from the elements.

Screens combine all of the benefits of roller doors with the traditional appeal of panels, so they could be your go-to choice if you want to add value and beauty to your home.


Garage screens are effective doors that provide privacy while allowing you to open your garage doors fully when you need them and the screen system usually works with your existing doors. They’re quick to install and easy to maintain so there’s no reason not to have one.

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