What is a Burnished Concrete Slab? [2021]

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Burnished concrete vs polished concrete | Burnished finish concrete pros & benefits

A concrete slab usually refers to a horizontal and flat surface that is created from cast concrete.

Just like we would do with burnished concrete floors, we can also use a trowel machine on a concrete slab to make it glossy and smooth.

To achieve this glossy finish, we need to do at least two trowels.

If we want to burnish a concrete slab, what we should do is make sure that it is perfectly poured and finished, while we can also do a thorough cleaning and cut the corners before getting started on the burnishing.

Burnished Concrete vs Polished Concrete

Burnished and polished concrete are very similar – one of the few differences between the two appears only in the post-installation procedure.

With burnishing, we wait for an hour or two after pouring the concrete floor before we start with the burnishing which is done with proper machines.

With polishing, the surface first before we actually polish it. This process takes a bit more time, but the end result is definitely worth it.

the process of burnished concrete flooring
The process of burnished concrete flooring

Burnished Finish Concrete Pros & Benefits

Property owners are keen on using burnished concrete because it is resistant to water as well as surface abrasion damage. At the same time, the burnishing process can help make the surface harder, slightly reflective but also coefficient of friction.

Last but not least, we can mention the fact that burnished concrete floors do not require a lot of maintenance. An occasional cleaning or dusting should do the trick and keep your floors looking as good as when you first had them installed!

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