Unique mirrors created in under 5 minutes

Swedish designer Jenny Nordberg has created unique silver mirrors in less than five minutes, using a traditional process involving chemical-infused liquid. The mirrors are showcased at the Stockholm Design Week in Nodberg’s first solo exhibition, called Fluid Add-Ons.

Nodberg creates them by modifying a mirror-making technique dating back to the 19th century. The process involves using liquid silver to prepare a chemical solution, then pouring it onto a sheet of glass and leaving it to develop. The solution quickly evaporates, leaving a thin layer of silver on the glass surface. As the liquid fails to spread across the whole surface of the glass, a mirror is formed with a unique aesthetic.

“I can’t decide how they will turn out, I just pour on the liquid and then the liquid decides,” Nodberg explains. “It looks like water first, and then it magically shifts into a mirror after a few minutes.”

The designer’s self-enforced rule was to produce each piece in three to five minutes. She turned herself into a “machine” in the exploration of the possibility of making these mirrors at mass production speeds.

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