Undulating roof of guesthouse mimics surrounding mountains

WEI Architects // Springingstream Guesthouse

The Springingstream Guesthouse is situated in a remote village of Chi Xi in Fuding County. The surrounding dramatic mountains, bamboo forests and tea fields create a backdrop reminiscent of typical Chinese paintings.

The studio was commissioned to develop a project that would demonstrate how the renovation of existing properties can aid in the revitalisation of villages. An abandoned house amongst many disused properties in the village was chosen for renovation, with the completed building to be used as a bed and breakfast that will produce income for the local community.
The restored two-storey building and guesthouse are positioned on the banks of a stream cutting through rounded, peaked mountains. The scenery complements the curving tile-covered roofs that shelter verandahs lining both structures.

“The moment I set foot in this village I was touched by the environment, and this feeling drove the entire design process of this project,” added the studio’s founder and director, Na Wei.
Internally, the building’s layout consists of a communal space containing a kitchen and a lounge area that are connected to a tea room on a covered outdoor deck. A series of copper seams embedded into the concrete floor direct guests from the entrance towards doors leading to the tea room and a terrace facing the stream. Exposed brickwork throughout the interior complements the building’s original character.
The first floor is occupied by a study, bathroom and two bedrooms featuring windows with operable wooden panels set below to facilitate natural ventilation. Folding doors lining the bedrooms expose the stunning, surrounding views and mountain air.

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