Unbreakable Polycarbonate Bin Walls in Sydney

Allplastics Engineering has have come across an interesting application for clear polycarbonate panels in garbage bins in Sydney’s CBD.

The clear polycarbonate allows security personnel to easily detect any suspicious objects placed inside the bin. The polycarbonate’s exceptional strength prevents breakage from accidental or intentional wilful damage.

Furthermore, cleaners are easily able to see the level of waste in the bins thus saving time on unnecessary emptying.

Features of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate sheet is one of the toughest, transparent thermoplastic materials. It withstands impact from all kinds of objects, from stones to hammers without shattering. Its proven energy absorbing characteristics are maintained at sub-zero winter temperatures or high summer temperatures. Polycarbonate sheet has 250 times the impact strength of glass and so gives greater protection against vandalism and forced entry.

Allplastics offers optical grade heavy gauge sheets to suit many architectural applications including road barrier walls, balustrading, internal and external cladding. The sheets are either Acrylic (PMMA) or Polycarbonate and come with extraordinary optical grade finish and highly effective noise reduction.

All sheets are made under ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 Quality System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Key Features

• Superior Light transmission above 90%
• High UV resistance
• Highly effective noise reduction
• Low levels of optical distortion
• Heavy duty protective masking

Polycarbonate UV Grade sheets are suited for outdoor applications where outstanding weatherability and long life expectance are required.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can weather even the most durable surface. In the past, acrylic was often chosen for plastic glazing applications because of its inherent resistance to yellowing over time. But, compared to polycarbonate, the relative brittleness of acrylic made its impact strength insufficient for demanding, vandal resistant applications. To meet this need, MAKROLON ® Sheet UV offers the best of both worlds – the impact protection of MAKROLON ® Sheet and the UV resistance of acrylic. Utilising advanced formulations combined with state-of- the-art extrusion technology, MARKOLON® Sheet is a tough, high quality product that will exhibit superior performance for years to come. This performance is backed by a comprehensive 10-year limited warranty against breakage, loss of light transmission and excessive yellowing from date of purchase. Request
warranty for full details.

Allplastics Engineering can also supply Abrasion Resistant (AR2) Polycarbonate Sheets for demanding applications where cleaning and/or accidental rubbing could result in scratches.

Product Features

Product Information

Key Features • Outstanding toughness
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Good chemical resistance to solvents and cleaners
• Good electrical insulation
• Good weatherability
• Temperature: -40C° to 130C°
• 250 times stronger than glass
• Impact resistance
• Optical clarity
• UV resistance
• Chemical resistance
• Lightweight
Applications & Functions • Anti Vandal glazing
• Balustrades
• Boat windows (Flat)
• Boat hatches + portholes
• Bus shelters
• Earth moving machinery windows
• Ferry windows
• Machine guards
• Police stations
• Train window double glazing
• Security glazing
• Balustrades
• Entrance doors
• Skylights
• Store Fronts
• Excavator Windows
• Flat Machine Guards.
Availability Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sizes:
• Size (mm): 2440 x 1220 & 2440 x 1830
• Thickness: (mm): 1 – 12
• Size (mm): 3000 x 2000
• Thickness: (mm): 3 – 4.5 & 6
• Clear

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