Tropicalia: an impressive French sustainable hub

A multi-purpose oasis that blends in seamlessly with the leafy environs of Rang-du-Fliers, France, Tropicalia is designed to offer visitors a revitalising sense of wonder. Designed by Coldefy & Associates, the grounds seek to immerse visitors within the tropical scenery, featuring a footpath covering over 1 km passing through forested surroundings filled with local flora and fauna. To further highlight its integration with the natural landscape, the structure is set partially in ground, giving it the appearance of a small hill.

Tropicalia was built to bolster tourism in the Côte d’Opale region, offering a vibrant hub that offers greenhouses, restaurants, shops, guesthouses, as well as a scientific centre for professionals. The building will also be an impressive feat of selfsufficient sustainability, producing energy through the use of a double dome, heating the air through a greenhouse effect. Construction should begin in the first half of 2019 for opening in 2021.

Tropicalia Image by Octav Tirziu

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