Translucent Acoustic Screens in Port Hedland

Air Board Acoustic Translucent panels were chosen by Whispering Smith Architecture in Perth for the IBN Corporation Project in Port Hedland, in Western Australia’s remote north.

The 19mm thick acoustic screens from Allplastics Architecture and Building Division were specified to create a light source and noise screening in an office environment where light disbursement was required in the work areas. The installation was executed flawlessly by Construct 360 Pty Ltd.

The acoustic feature separates workstations from a staff breakout area room and provides some privacy while allowing the light to come through.

Air Board Acoustic panels allow architects, designers and acoustic engineers to combine transparency with improved room acoustics. The unique design of the Air Board Acoustic provides noticeably improved workstation acoustics (reduced reverberation time); combined with its low weight – it provides the project manager with easily assembled installations.

AIR-board Acoustic Partition Wall

AIR-board Acoustic Sound Lounge

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