Top 3 Most Weird and Wondrous Airbnbs

Airbnb has been a ubiquitous part of the traveller’s landscape. For a spell, the home you’re staying in, with all its quirks and novelties, can be fully your’s. But some Airbnbs have weirder quirks than others, with awe-inspiring features that need to be seen to be believed. We take you through our top 3 picks of wondrous Airnbs around the world – all of which you can actually rent out.

1. Nido de Quetzalcóatl (Quetzalcóatl’s Nest) – Mexico City

This Airbnb, found inside a vast private park at the centre of Mexico City, is something out of a fantasy film. An enormous, twisting structure, snaking through the surrounding trees is the showstopper of the home. Adorned in thousands of kaleidoscopic beads, the sculpture was built in 1998 by architect Javier Senosiain.

“It’s a philosophy of architecture that seeks or promotes harmony between the habitat of man and the natural world,” Senosiain says.
Measuring 2,200 square feet with 10 apartments, you can stay in the belly of a beast for $283 per night. The room available for renting contains five bedrooms, four bathrooms and copious space for eight guests. There are no right corners or hard edges in the room, to emphasise the organic focus of the design. Guests can tour the grounds with the host, journeying through the 1.2-acre park and observing additional mosaic sculptures of snakes.

2. Domus Civita – Lazio, Italy 

Domus Civita is for those who have ever dreamed of staying in a fully restored 14th century palazzo. The castle sits atop a historic settlement with, allegedly, a population of only ten people. With such a small village, the home is an ancient, secluded getaway.

This doesn’t mean you’d have to give up any luxury or modern comforts. On the contrary, the home comes with a personal cook and concierge services. The edifice also features the fine touches of contemporary furniture, a private garden and over 300 bottles of wine to purchase. However, the shining jewel of the home is its heated pool, at the heart of cave and glowing with candlelight. This palazzo costs about $430 per night.

3. Cocon Douillet Dans Les Arbres – Centre, France

This French Airbnb, which has a name that translates to “cozy nest”, literally allows you to escape to the trees. A tent-like cocoon is suspended amongst branches and a sturdy safety net. But, guests are not merely confined to this isolated “nest.”

The home features clean treehouses and a “castle” with kitchens, bedrooms and amenities. The surrounding grounds are vast and lush with a salt-water pool and relaxation area. The surroundings are idyllic and pastoral, complete with chickens, sheep and goats. And, although you’re off the beaten track, Paris is only an hour away to enjoy.

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