Three reasons to break up with your data cables and move to smart sensor control.

In our digital era of smart devices, instant connectivity and advanced technology, wireless solutions have transformed the electrical and building infrastructure fields.
Here are three reasons why monitoring systems are becoming increasingly popular in a range of applications:

  • Reduced cost: No cabling means there’s no need for the cost of wired systems.
  • Easy installation: Installing and configuring wireless systems significantly reduces on-site labour.
  • Flexibility: Wireless monitoring systems are specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of their environment. This means they can be integrated with different sensors and are malleable to different environments without the loss of data.

Legrand’s recently appointed subsidiary brand, CP Electronics, has a superior wireless technology range known as An-10. The range includes sensors, relays, switch interfaces and dimmable drivers for digital and analogue luminaires.

Using the latest technology, the wireless signal can pass through walls, floors and ceilings. This means you can position switches and detectors exactly where you need them – no need to run costly control wires between devices or back to a central controller.
The An-10 sensor range covers the PIR for commercial applications, microwave range and high ceiling area for high bay control in warehouses.
The system functionality is achieved by programming, not hard wiring. This makes it incredibly easy to design the operation of a lighting control system.
Break-ups are always hard, but moving on is always for the best. Legrand can help you find a wireless solution that won’t make you look back:

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