The smart indoor camera designed by Yves Béhar

Yves Behar’s design studio Fuseproject has unveiled Hive View – a cube-shaped, detachable indoor security camera. The device starts recording once it detects motion or sound and sends an alert to the user’s smartphone. The magnetic snap-on camera can be detached from its sculptural base for effortless movement and placement. This unique feature makes Hive View a product for everyday use.

Hive View’s base can be mounted on a wall with a simple screw-on plate, with which the camera magnetically attaches on, or the entire camera can simply sit on a flat surface. The aluminium arm that extends up to hold the small cubed camera contains a magnetic connector, which allows the camera to charge whenever it is attached. The camera is made of PCABS plastic and uniquely formed out of a single molding. At its small size, Hive View holds outstanding features. The front hides a user-controlled circular LED array that displays when the camera is changing its state. Infrared LEDs support recording in the dark.

While the “Grab and Go” functionality allows recording anywhere, the camera also provides wide viewing angles. The lens provides a full 130-degree view with the spinning base, leaf-like curvature of the arm and camera attachment enable users to cover angle desired. The entire unit has a sleek, satin finish for added tactility and comes in white and champagne gold or black and brushed copper to stylishly fit with any home decor.

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