The many surface finishes of KeraTwin

KeraTwin is a tried and proven façade system offered by long standing German manufacturer, Agrob Buchtal. With its variety of colours, formats and surface finishes, KeraTwin offers enormous design freedom.


KeraTwin is compelling with its architectural versatility and visual variety. There is a great selection of sizes available, as well as a varied range of colours. Additionally, the system offers various fastening and design options, joint treatments and a variety of corner profiles. Installation is also possible on almost any base offering flexibility in the case of building re-clads.

The robust KeraTwin system offers a large variety of options in terms of surface finishes. In addition to the glossy, silky-matt or unglazed surfaces, panels are now also available which benefit from advancements in digital printing in order to create even more natural and lively façade presentations or to portray specific graphics relating to the building’s branding and/or occupants. For example, stone or wood looks can be realised and large scale images can be exhibited.  Apart from the new metallic surface finishes, KeraTwin also comes in eight finishes on top of this (wave, brushed, smooth, etc).

Ceramic Solutions’ specialised staff provide professional support during the design development phase to architects, engineers and developers to implement customised façade solutions. Our German manufacturer, Agrob Buchtal have been in operation for over 250 years. They offer German manufacturing excellence, technical design support including the preparation of detailed shop drawings, HT self-cleaning surface inclusions and credible long-term warranties.

To enquire about KeraTwin or any other Agrob Buchtal façade system, contact one of our expert team members at on (03) 9545 5322 or by email at [email protected]

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