The journey of Legrand’s GALAXY Connected Emergency Lighting System™ begins.

Legrand recently celebrated the first delivery of its first commercial IoT solution GALAXY. Over 100 employees eagerly watched as the company’s CEO, Tony Berland, signed the first supply as it left the manufacturing factory.

GALAXY is a state of the art Connected Emergency Lighting Monitoring System that is designed for smart buildings. This is Legrand’s first step into IoT solutions for commercial projects, which nicely expands on the company’s current ELIOT portfolio.

The expansion of the company’s IoT portfolio from residential into commercial solutions illustrates how the business is adapting the rapidly evolving technological advances of today’s connected world. These changes have transformed the electrical industry and are a major game-changer for electrical contractors in the field.

GALAXY is a prime example of how Legrand has cemented itself as a major player of leading innovation in a highly volatile, yet exciting landscape.

The YouTube video below provides a snapshot of the GALAXY system, how it works, and the best-suited applications:

This is a major advancement for the Emergency Lighting industry. It also meets the needs of today’s commercial building sector by providing innovative solutions in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

If you’re not up to speed on GALAXY find out more at

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