The Effects of Colour in the Workplace

Believe it or not, something as seemingly trivial as the selection of colours in a workplace has been shown to affect a range of employee behaviours. The psychology of colour has been used to improve productivity, spark creativity, reduce boredom and increase focus.

Colours on the lower end of the spectrum, such as green and blue, have been shown to be good choices if you want happier, more effective workers. Green is restful for the eyes, which makes it perfect for offices performing large amounts of data entry and continuous monitor, while blue calms the heart, making for a less stressful workplace.

High wavelength colours such as red evoke passion, intensity and a sense of urgency, while orange is associated with enthusiastic employees and rapid decision making. Mellow yellow leads to optimistic outlooks, and is often used in environments where designers, developers and creative professionals need to function effectively.

Neutral colours such as brown, white, cream, grey and black can help tone down or highlight the brighter colour, depending on how they are utilised. Brown walls can create a warm feeling, but can also make a room seem dark. Today’s café culture has provided designers with a wider scope to choose neutral and earthy colours, such as greys, browns and blacks.

Allplastics has a wide selection of architectural plastics that architects and designers can specify to provide the ideal colour and mood for any workplace.

PERSPEX® Frost, which has a double-sided satin surface finish, is available in 4 hues: Hot Frost, Vivid, Pastels and Urban. These hues can be intense or mild depending on the architect’s selection. Effective applications for PERSPEX® Frost include workstation dividers, office partitions and light diffusers.

PERSPEX® Colour, which has a glossy, solid appearance in 24 different hues, can provide brightness and light to add ambience to a dull environment.

PERSPEX® Naturals are solid neutral colours that can be used for cladding office furniture, directional signage or in combination with other colours to tone down or highlight a colour.

For brighter colour effects, consider Allplastics’ coloured Acrylic Mirrors, which available in many colours such as grey, bronze, gold, purple, red, orange, green and blue. Having been regularly used in the hospitality sector, offices are also now starting to introduce these highly reflective surfaces into splashbacks and ceiling panels.

The latest edition of bright colours from Allplastics are the Sweet Pastels range of PERSPEX®, featuring Orange Fizz, Bubblegum Blue, Sour Grape, Candy Floss Blue, Lemon Bonbon, Parma Violet, Spearmint Green and Raspberry Sherbet. They are a great addition for environments where creativity and a light-hearted atmosphere is desired.

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