The EduLED batten: enhanced lighting, enhanced learning

Not only are LEDs the ‘go-to’ choice for long-term, cost and energy saving solutions for businesses, they also create an optimum environment for learning, productivity and performance.

Keeping ahead of the game when it comes to simple, cost-effective commercial lighting solutions, Legrand has added the EduLED Batten to its range of luminaires.

Ideal for schools, educational facilities or general commercial installations, this LED batten is designed to last. Its IK impact rating of IK04, lumen lifespan of 50,000+ hours and warranty of 5 years places it among the top performers for commercial lighting. Get more specs here.

The EduLED is designed with a built-in opal diffuser, which provides an even illumination on the surface of the luminaire. The opal diffuser is fantastic for reducing any luminance discomfort such as glare. It also combats other issues related to poor lighting within a learning environment, such as eye-strain, headaches and a drop in visual performance.

Legrand understands the importance of good lighting design for enhanced learning, The EduLED has been specifically crafted produce a carefully balanced lighting system that is well-suited to education facilities and other professional establishments.

If you’re after an energy efficient lighting solution with excellent design, practical function, good specification and streamlined management and control, consider the EduLED for your next project.

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