The Bondi home that Aussie dreams are made of

Project: Living Screen House
Architects: CplusC Architects
Company Bio: CplusC Architects is focused on creating sustainable and practical site-specific designs for their clients. This team blends craftsmanship, climate considerations, and the clients’ needs into their unique architectural designs.
Location: North Bondi, Sydney
Client: Private
Awards: Good Design Awards – Good Design Award Winner (2018)
Houses Awards – New House Shortlist (2017)
World Architecture Festival – Completed Buildings (House) Finalist (2017)
TIDA Awards – Australian Architect-Designed Kitchen Winner (2017)

Photographed by Murray Fredericks, Jem Cresswell and Michael Lassman

living screen house

Living Screen House is a building of contradictions: on a narrow plot surrounded by double-storey houses and apartment blocks but nearby to the open expanse of Bondi Beach. The challenge in this build is finding an efficient and balanced use of space and light that joins outdoor and indoor living seamlessly for this five-person family home. CplusC Architects’s design practice, with an emphasis on site-specific and unique uses of space, ensured a blend of experimental and innovative solutions with practical considerations.

living screen house

CplusC Architects turned to three main aspects of design to fully complete the brief: plenty of indoor/outdoor living spaces and connections, a passive solar design, and extensive use of natural daylight. The ground floor, with its open plan and interconnected kitchen, dining, living, and outdoor space, demonstrates the free-flowing nature of this design most clearly. The galley-style kitchen with custom lighting and embedded seating creates a communal feeling ideal of entertaining. This space then flows directly into the pool area with a very unique feature. The transparent wall between the pool and the living area adds a touch of novelty to the design and inspires joy in the homeowners and their guests. Not only is the design unique, the use of acrylic is also experimental and required a particular attention to detail to achieve.

living screen house

Another key feature of this house’s design, what gives it its name, is the green wall or “screen” in the front yard. This screen encompasses the entire front yard and stretches to the height of the building. It forms a custom overlapping planter system that creates privacy, concealing the yard from neighbours and passersby. Inspired by the boardwalk of the Bondi to Coogee beachwalk, this intricate system made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) allows vegetation growth by being fully plumbed, self-maintained, and LED lit. The greenery also creates additional landscaping without taking up ground space on this narrow site. Here CplusC Architects was able to fully display their innovation in designing sustainable and comfortable projects which working within unusual constraints and briefs.

living screen house

The materials chosen for this project are meant to further the balance between indoor and outdoor, private and communal spaces. Unfinished cement flows into wood composite boards while burnished concrete sits alongside expressed timber. The staircase, which forms the visual centre of the entranceway, is the perfect example of the intermingling spaces. The asymmetrical balustrade and stringer design with dark steel and warm wood steps links the entertaining ground level with the more private and intimate first floor. These two floors are in harmony, connected by the meeting of materials and functions.

living screen house

The parents’ room, children’s rooms, and bathrooms on the first level are more private and removed but they still connect with the intention of this home’s design. Each room has a view of the green screen as well as one of the external green spaces, allowing an easy movement of the eye between interior and exterior that is grounding and in-keeping with the rest of the house.

Engagement with the outdoors and surrounding environment extends even into the passive functionality and considered efficiency of the building with CplusC Architects including both a large rainwater storage and large solar system atop the Bondi home.

Recent winner of the a Good Design Award, Living Screen House is an example of how to build with sustainability, climactic, and functionality considerations in active combination with comfort and novelty for homeowners’ needs.

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