Symposium Headline Speakers: Ron Bakker and Pekka Hakkarainen

Part of the sparc-FMA International Lighting and Facilities Event for this year will be an educational Symposium. The educational Symposium offers a great opportunity for attendees to earn professional development points, network and enjoy the cutting-edge exhibition of global developments and future directions in facilities and lighting. The speaker program is exclusive and is the only opportunity for participants to see these particular presentations in Australia. It has been designed to ensure that attendees see and hear what’s trending now and a glimpse into the future of facilities and lighting. Click here to see the full lineup of speakers. Below are a couple of fascinating speakers to whet your appetite.

Ron Bakker

As a Founding Partner of PLP Architecture, Ron Bakker has contributed to award-winning buildings and urban design projects around the world. His work is widely recognised for its civic and environmental responsiveness. A recently completed project, The Edge, is considered the world’s most sustainable, and possibly the smartest, office building. Ron is involved with the World Economic Forum and frequently speaks at academic and professional symposia.

Ron is speaking on The Edge: “The quality of the future workplace will be determined by the coincidence of four factors; sustainability, workspace technology, a renewed interest in the physical and mental wellness of the workers, and the architectural expression that gives character and identity to the collaborative process of work. The Edge in Amsterdam is in many ways a prototype of this working environment, and after two years since the project was completed we can start to imagine what the next iteration could be.”

Dr Pekka Hakkarainen

Dr Pekka Hakkarainen is an expert on the performance of fluorescent and halogen lamps in dimming conditions and has also co-developed an integrated daylighting system involving electric lights and window shades. He is Vice President, Government & Industry Relations, of Lutron Electronics.

Pekka is speaking on Smart Lighting, Connected Lighting, Human Centric Lighting – what do we make of all of that?: “Following the invention of white light LEDs, the lighting industry has been undergoing more rapid change than ever before. LEDs not only deliver significantly improved energy efficiency compared with most traditional light sources, but also promise to incorporate many new functions that will be beneficial to consumers and commercial end-users. Some of these functions are visible – think colour tuning – while others may have non-visual benefits, such as affecting the human circadian rhythm. Yet others have nothing directly to do with humans, such as when we use light to communicate information, variously known as LiFi or Visual Light Communication. And to add complexity to the product designer’s task, products from different manufacturers are also supposed to be “interoperable”, i.e. they need to be able to communicate with each other. The terms smart lighting, connected lighting and human-centric lighting have been used to categorise the features and benefits of this emerging technology.

“This presentation discusses recent developments in these areas, and tries to predict what the future looks like and what it means for the lighting control industry – as well as the lighting industry generally. It also examines efforts by the lighting industry to standardise aspects of these technologies, activities by lighting trade associations, and actions by regulators that may be threatening to these technical developments.”

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