Shimmering Shingles at Westpac Barangaroo


Allplastics provided Perspex Pearlescent Azure shapes for Westpac’s newly opened office building at Barangaroo in Sydney as an attractive and welcoming entrance to the newly built commercial premises designed by Geyer.

The overarching theme for Barangaroo was to focus on organic themes and Australiana, and the shingles represent a skin wrapping the curved walls of the forum and reception areas. The overlapping of the shingles emulates such natural phenomena as snakeskin or fish scales.  The use of different materials signifies elements of nature with timber panels of varying shades, contrasting with the occasional vibrant glossy shingle and the iridescent shimmer of the Pearlescent Blue Perspex laminated to MDF panels. The shingles have a thickness to them which was made up of the 3mm thick Perspex sheet with a mitred 19mm edging, so the panels appeared to be solid with a lustrous sheen which works extremely well as a highlight.

The installation was expertly installed by CIVARDI Furniture


Perspex Pearlescent is specially created to offer an attractive new effect to designers and specifiers whether in the world of Point of Sale, display and visual communications, or in other areas of design such as furniture, apartment numbers and interiors cladding of furniture. The Perspex Pearlescent has a softly shimmering lustre and can be fabricated and thermoformed as well as it is much easier to cut and recycle than glass.


The sheet size comes in 3050 x 2030 mm and 3 mm thickness and variety of colours:

  • Azure –Blue
  • Pearl
  • Candy –Pink
  • Platinum
  • Caramel –Gold
  • Antique Pearl
  • Copper Pearl
  • Argento Silver – Special order only (10x minimum QTY)

Allplastics offer you a 10 year guarantee which covers internal and external applications.

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