Securit LED Exit Signs take tough to another level!

When it comes to the toughest of the tough, the Legrand Securit LED Exit Sign is unsurpassable. This tamper-resistant product is specifically designed for institutions such as detention centres, police stations and correctional facilities.

What makes it so tough?

The Securit LED Exit Sign is equipped with several safety and security features, which gives it such a tough reputation. Firstly, it has an impact-resistant thermo plastic diffuser. If the diffuser ever becomes dislodged or damaged, it becomes completely unusable as a weapon.

Secondly, should the unit be attempted to get removed in any way, the anti-tamper Resitork screws will prevent unwanted interference.

For extra-added security and longevity of use, the Securit LED comes with a thick 6mm interior cover, which prevents any unwanted entry to electronic components and LEDs.

Stay tough. Stay compliant.

A recent article outlined the importance of DALI compliant emergency luminaires. Legrand’s Securit LED Exit Signs incorporate DALI compliant control gear, which are amenable with the AS2293 Emergency Lighting Standard and the IEC 62386 DALI standard.

If you want superior performing, long-lasting and impact-resistant Exit Signs that have you covered for compliance, the Securit LED will give you supreme quality every time. Visit for more information.

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