Sean Dix’s designs are uncomplicated, timeless and thoroughly resolved

Internationally acclaimed designer Sean Dix is known for his perfectly resolved works that are entirely free of excess or complication. Inherently beautiful and intrinsically purposeful, they are a perfect addition to any room.

Dix aims to create designs that are so thoroughly resolved and purposeful that, rather than slapping you in the face for attention, they just give you the ‘right feeling’ inside. His work features the highest-quality craftsmanship and an honesty of form and materials that exude a sense of harmony, warmth and understatement. The result is a collection of beautiful, uncomplicated and timeless designs that perfectly align with the essence of Remodern, the Melbourne-based brand.

Remodern is redefining the face of progressive international design through a collection that enhances everyday living while pushing the notion of modernity. The brand’s aesthetic is described as ‘essential minimalism’ – where designs are stripped back to their essential elements and realised through high quality craft and an honesty of form and material, to achieve the inherently beautiful and timeless.

“At Remodern, we look for designs that have a very clear purpose and aesthetic, that are beautifully made, and that can be easily absorbed and enjoyed,” says Remodern co-founder and creative director, Jennifer Schilbach. “Not only does Sean’s work reflect this ideal, we also found the rigorous exploration and playful nature of his work captivating, leading to fantastic outcomes.”

Forte Rectangular Dining Table – Timber
Chicago Armchair and Ottoman

After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sean moved to Europe and studied at Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and Domus Academy in Milan, where he set up his design and architecture studio, Dix Office, in 2000. Now based in Hong Kong, his studio covers four main project areas: retail concept, creative direction, interior architecture plus furniture and product design.

Sean’s growing list of clients include Moschino, Harrods, Bosco di Ciliegi, Design Within Reach, Fiorucci and La Scala and the understated results of his projects evoke a feeling that few designers can match. “As Sean has said, the aim is to create something that is so well designed that you don’t think about the design, you just enjoy it,” says Jennifer. “His analogy describing a lot of current interior design is great – he describes it as a desperate clown riding a unicycle, honking a kazoo, juggling, spinning plates. Instead, Sean strips away everything but the essential, until what remains is something that can be enjoyed again and again.”

Bentwood Shelves – 900
Bentwood Shelves – 1400

Sean’s designs in the Remodern collection include the sculptural Bentwood Shelves, which feature gently upturned layers in American White Oak, American Walnut or American Ash stained black. Also included is the Chicago Armchair, which is a contemporary iteration of a classic form. It has a timeless elegance, featuring a sleek steel frame and upholstered in luxurious black or brown leather.

The Forte table is another beautifully resolved design. Available in dining or coffee table formats with a round, square or rectangular form, materials include the choice of a tempered glass or wood veneer table top and an American White Oak or American Walnut frame.

The Velodrome Mirror is also a perfect example of the Sean Dix approach. A first glance communicates its simplicity and elegance, however a deeper look reveals great skill, not only in the design but also the manufacturing required to achieve such elegant simplicity.

Sean Dix’s designs exemplify the essence of Remodern – expertly crafted and beautifully resolved pieces that display a refreshing honesty of form, minus the bells and whistles.

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