Rob Rankine – Indigenous Participation Plan

Schiavello’s Indigenous Participation Plan is taking shape in South Australia with the employment of Rob Rankine. Rob joined our SA construction team as Site Compliance Officer late last year. 

Facilitating Rob’s career development

Rob initially started as a contracted site labourer where he displayed unmistakable potential. Under the leadership of SA State Director, Luke Steele, Rob was offered further training and education in safety and compliance to progress towards a position within Schiavello.

“We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our business. Rob’s attitude showed clear potential – we just provided the opportunity,” says Luke.

A programme that adds value to both community and business

The Indigenous Participation Plan has added great value to both the community and Schiavello. Luke comments on the tangible values the programme has added to Schiavello’s SA office; “Internally, it has raised our own Indigenous awareness – which is very important. We’ve had our Indigenous Engagement Manager, Kyle Vander Kuyp, visit from our VIC head office. Kyle’s presentations and cultural awareness sessions have provided guidance on local Indigenous initiatives we can pursue.”

“Professionally, Schiavello has a responsibility to the community and our society. Being inclusive and leading the industry in these initiatives are what we’re passionate about.”

“As a business, we’re responsible for developing our people, and providing fair opportunity for anyone willing to participate. Personally, it’s exciting to see people progress their careers through opportunities created by Schiavello,” adds Luke.

Schiavello’s Indigenous Participation Plan

“Luke has shown great leadership and an understanding that Schiavello has increasing opportunities for Indigenous employees. What better way to embrace the programme than to employ someone on site?” says Kyle Vander Kuyp.

Schiavello’s Indigenous Participation Plan was launched in early-2017. Since then, the programme has facilitated the employment of Elijah Bux and Jediaha Cam; as well as community initiatives including a $40,000 furniture donation to Worawa Aboriginal College.

“This is just the start to a much greater story around our commitment to promote the growth of both our people and business.” Luke Steele, State Manager – Schiavello Construction SA

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