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House Rendering in Australia

The use of materials in construction varies across the country, what can be found in Melbourne may not be found in Sydney. One thing that does remain consistent, though, is the importance of rendering. Without it, any building will deteriorate quickly from rain and wind exposure which makes for an unattractive home or business location. Luckily, we have created some easy-to-follow guides on house rendering here at Specifier Australia.
We all know how important renderings are when showing your client what they’re getting before they purchase their new property or office space. Not only does this protect their investment against the elements, but it also ensures that your work is thoroughly inspected and considered. It is recommended that you hire a professional to do it for you in your given area. This work is very important, and it requires the utmost concentration to get it done properly.
Rendering is a type of protective coating which is applied to surfaces in order to improve their look, durability, and weather resistance. The word “rendering” is derived from English vernacular language meaning ‘to coat with fat or oil’, or ‘to provide with a protective surface’.
Rendering is a vital step in the construction process and must be undertaken before painting. It provides protection against rain and wind erosion, can be applied at any time in most building projects during construction, and helps protect the interior from damage by fire and dust.
Pink House Rendering over Brick
render a brick wall

How to Render a Brick Wall?

How to render a brick wall, the advantages and disadvantages, the cost in Australia and is it better to hire a professional to do it.

Beige Acrylic Rendered House in Australia

What is Acrylic Rendering

What is acrylic rendering on homes in Australia? Simply put, it refers to the Acrylic material that is used within the render

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