Robusta Awnings

Robusta Awnings are similar to Pivot Awnings but are made from stronger materials in order to achieve a high level of wind tolerance. The product allows for large areas to be covered by a single awning, with arms that have strong springs to hold the fabric under tension so that it can withstand wind. All of the profiles are clear anodised aluminium extrusion. The Robusta covers the entire window when it is fully extended, suitable for a window facing any direction, and comes with an electric motor which makes possible automatic options such as timer, wind, sun or rain sensors.

Robust and simple to operate + High degree of wind resistance + Pptional internal crank handle and electric motor + Designed for large window areas or high wind areas + Can be operated both internally and externally + Constructed from heavy duty extruded aluminium for added strength and durability

Width up to 15000 mm + Cassette and cover profile – 7 – 7/8” deep x 6-3/4” high + Projection – 2 to 5 feet + Series connection up to 65 ft wide with hand crank

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