Pergolino Fabric Tension Awning System

Pergolino Fabric Tension Awning is a weather protection system made for restaurants and private gardens. This product is fixed to the facade with a wall mounting which is adjustable. This robust and easy to install shading system is fitted with two adjustable guide rails and support posts. When the system is retracted, the front bar tightly closes the elegant box and protects the fabric from weather. A high fabric tension is assured by the gas sturdy vertical columns. The system has a modern Somfy motor with friction brakes, a thermal protection and an electronic final shut off.

Along with the standard system, there is also provision of basic equipment and a waterproof cover + Operated by a bevel gear with hand crank or by a tubular motor + Easy to install, reliable weather protection system

Horizontal width 84 to 216 inches + Projection 84 to 192 inches + Roller tube – 78 mm + Hardware colour – white

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