Landmark produces pre-fabricated kit form on-slab as well as raised restrooms to accommodate alternate waste systems or sloped sites. Landmark restrooms are not only designed to be aesthetically fitting for the environment but also designed with CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) principles. Landmark Mettros Anti-Vandal Restrooms feature cutting edge safety, durability, ease of maintenance that is truly relocatable with a 50-year structural life cycle.

Landmark Restrooms come with a 10-year structural warranty and are suitable for most waste systems and environments, from Alpine conditions at Falls Creek ski-resort in Victoria, to the desert environs of Lake Eyre in South Australia. Landmark’s installation and design team can customise to any specification.

See the photo gallery below for a range of designs and individual restroom specifications, or click to here to go to Landmark’s website for more info.

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