Markilux 790 Side Privacy Awning

There are many environments where there is a need for shade solutions. For some people, there is a need to block early morning or late afternoon sun, while for others the need is to create privacy from their neighbours. Markilux 790 Side Privacy Awnings offer the perfect solution, especially for large patio or deck areas. This side awning fully retracts into a compact cassette which is installed vertically on the wall, s when shade is needed, the awning can be pulled out using the handle and is inserted in a fixture post connection profile. The frame and fabric remain fully protected from the elements when they are retracted in order to ensure years of performance.

Can be operated manually and easily by a convenient handle + Select from over 200 high quality fabric offerings + Coordinate the fabric and the cassette with other awnings + Retractable side screen becomes an ideal partition to protect from low lying sun + Offers total privacy + Is extremely sturdy and easy to use + Can be pulled out using the handle and inserted in a fixture bracket + Fabric cover is protected from dirt and dust

Provided in height of 5’7 or 6’11 + Maximum extension of 13 feet + Extensions up to 4.0 m are available

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