CASTA Natural Stone with Lighting Water Feature

_The CASTA Natural Stone with Lighting Water Feature has been specifically designed with the objective of capturing nature’s beauty in stone and flowing water, with a lighting option of three of natures soothing colours: white, blue or green. Made from all-natural stone, this water feature can be used in commercial or residential applications, both indoors and out. Emphasis has also been placed on energy efficiency: with the CASTA water feature there is around 50% less energy consumption than found in conventional pumps and lighting._

Long life-span + Material: Natural Stone (slate) + Energy efficient + Freestanding + Decorative pebbles included

Dimensions: 370 (W) X 1200 (H) mm; Base: 330 (D) X 200 (H) X 460 (W) mm + Weight: 68.5 Kg + Power Output: 10 W, 1200 mA, 12 V DC + Power Input: 230/240 V, 50 Hz

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