Cascade Natural Stone with LED Lighting Water Feature

_Water is an indispensable part of life, so Infinity Trading Group has come up with a range of high-quality water features that give 100% justice to importance of water. The Cascade Natural Stone Water Feature with LED Lighting is made from natural slate and is energy efficient, making it an environmentally sensitive feature in any indoor or outdoor application. This water feature is especially suited to offices or homes which have central heating, and can be of special help in balancing positive and negative ions in air, while adding to the aesthetics of any space._

Slate finish + LED lights in three colours: red, blue and green + Energy efficient + Balance positive and negative ions

Overall Width: 370mm + Overall Height: 120mm + Base depth: 330mm + Base Height: 200mm + Base Width: 460mm + Weight: 51.3kg + Power output: 10W, 12VDC, 1200mA

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