Canvas Blinds

The Canvas Blind is a basic but well proven Australian window awning, both economical and effective. Shadewell Canvas Blinds feature tensioned rollers with zinc plated side guides to keep the blind tight. The standard model is exclusively used for ground floor windows where the blinds are accessible and pulled down with a pole for quick protection, but for first floor applications, Shadewell have the Type FG Canvas Blind, which can be cord operated from inside for easy operation.

All hardware is durable metal construction + Built-in brass rollers rather than steel do not rust and are easy to operate. + Metal bottom rail is enclosed in a fabric pocket in order to enhance the appearance from inside + All blinds are measured to overlap the window by 200 mm on each side to provide full sun protection + In areas of high corrosion, customers are supplied with stainless steel guides and anodised aluminium arms and brackets + Fabric is poly-cotton canvas and acrylic fabric + Solar energy reduction of 75 percent + Provides full UV protection

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