Boral Timber Decking

Boral Timber’s range of storm wood hardwood decking is made from natural Australian hard woods known for their durability, high density and toughness, making it ideal for use on decks, poolside areas and barbecue areas. Boral Timber Decking is an alternative to concrete and paving materials, and can make use of the same species of timber as in internal plywood flooring to enhance the natural flow from indoor to outdoor. These timber products can also be used for vertical design elements such as screens, fences, gates and seatings, and are well suited to sloping sites and split level or two storey constructions.

Ideal for domestic and commercial applications + High density strength and durability + Can be used to complement internal plywood flooring and form a natural flow from indoors to outdoors + More cost effective than a full room extension + Can be cut to any size to fit any design elements

Width: 64mm, 86mm, 110mm and 130 mm + Thickness: 19mm + Supplied in various lengths from 1800 to 6000 mm

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