AT115 Multibarrette for Balustrades

Wire mesh opens up a whole range of new options with regards to balustrades, and the AT115 Multibarrette from iO Metals is no exception. Exceptionally strong yet still transparent and lightweight, AT115 Multibarrette for balustrades is resistant to corrosion, non-combustible, has high stability in the weft direction, high flexibility in the warp direction, and performs well in terms of transparency and air ventilation. These are also the basic qualities that make AT115 metal fabrics compliant with most building codes, covering safety as well as fine aesthetics.

Resistant to corrosion + Lightweight + Compliant with most building codes + Mechanical Strength

Type of Mesh: Multi-Barrette + Aperture: 70 X 7 mm + Wire Diameter: 3 X 2-3 mm + Weight: 6.6 Kg/sq. m + Open Area: 64%

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