WGC54S 54-Bottle Single Zone Wine Cabinet

As the name suggests, the WGC54S Wine Cabinet can accommodate up to 54 wine bottles, within a single temperature controlled storage zone. A reversible door hinge allows for a choice of left or right hand swing, depending on the layout of each particular application, and the unit can be secured under key lock, for added security. A front vent has been provided for finer air circulation, and the air circulation is maintained at a constant rate. Furthermore, the shelves slide out smoothly to allow easy access, the legs are levelling and adjustable, and feature vibration absorption pads, ensuring that the bottle contents remain as undisturbed as possible.

UV tinted, double glazed, tempered glass doors + Vibration absorption pads + Three-year warranty + Stainless Steel Beveled Door Frame + Internal LED Light

Dimensions: 855-865 (H) X 595 (W) X 575 (D) + Net Weight: 53 Kg + Temperature Setting Range: 5 to 17 degrees Celsius.

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