Uridan Urinals

The award winning Uridan waterless urinals assist businesses to save millions of litres of water every year. The urinals require no water for flushing and water usage is reduced by up to 50,000 litres per urinal per year. With water and energy costs continuing to rise, investment in water management is a key feature of any building portfolio and Uridan makes sense both environmentally and commercially. Uridan waterless urinals are being selected by organisations with a focus on sustainability and are currently being installed in stadiums, sporting facilities, shopping centres, conference and exhibition centres, commercial offices, schools, universities, pubs, clubs and hotels across Australia.

In summary the benefits of installing Uridan waterless urinals include:

–  Considerable reductions in water consumption
–  Carbon Emission Savings        
–  Easy installation for new or retrofit amenities
–  Low Operating Costs
–  Environmental Benefits
–  Stylish Danish Design Product
–  Good corporate image
–  Asset Value increase due to ‘greener buildings’

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