Uridan Privacy Screens for style and comfort in bathrooms

Uridan is possibly best known for its large range of waterless urinals and the stunning design lines characteristic of the brand.

Now the matching Uridan privacy screens have been created to mirror the shape of the Uridan urinals and are increasingly being specified to be placed alongside the urinals.

Uridan Privacy screens have been designed to follow the architectural design lines of the Uridan urinals while providing added comfort and privacy for users. While a row of Uridan urinals can be striking, the architectural effect with the privacy screen installed between the urinals is absolutely stunning.

And the added advantage of privacy screens is that the use is spread across a complete row of urinals. There are over 20,000 Uridan waterless urinals installed across Australia and this figure is growing. The water savings attributable to Uridan in Australia today is over 1.2 mega litres of pure drinking water annually – equivalent to the volume of water in 480 Olympic sized swimming pools!


Sculptural aesthetic matches Uridan urinals  +  Striking Danish design  +  High quality finish  +  Suitable for commercial and public amenities  +  2 Year Warranty

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