Seido Bathroom Collection by Fowler

Fowler’s Seido collection offers bathroom pieces that combine Eastern inspired ideas of calmness and tranquillity with Western minimalist design.  The range heightens the experience of rejuvenation within residential and commercial bathrooms in all parts, with wall mounted and inset vanity designs, basins and toilet suites.   The elegant and versatile collection can be mixed and matched to create custom experiences and cater for bathrooms in various scales.  The collection features basins with a deep hand wash area for an engaging cleansing experience, basins with a wide tap ware platform or basins with space for tap ware integration into wall and toilet suites in a wide selection of fitting designs.


Wall hung icon suite (Induct/inceiling)  +  Wall faced icon suite (Inwall)  +  Wall faced icon suite (Induct/inceiling)  +  Wall hung icon suit (Inwall)  +  Wall faced toiled suite  +  Wall basin  +  Inset basin

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