PREMAX GCP Glass Washer by Hobart Food

Hobart Food Equipment understand that efficient dish washing is a necessity when it comes to commercial applications.  The Premax GCP glass washer is one speciality solution from the company that optimises the performance and efficiency of glass ware washing all in one convenient system.  The glass washer features precision and wide angle nozzles that achieve economic distribution of water through the wash chamber while a patented GENIUS-X2 fine filter system continuously filters wash water to lower detergent and water consumption.  A unique drying manager guarantees glass ware can self dry in minimum time and be used the moment they are ready, with a ROTOR system that produces a constant wash for pristine results to match.  The Premax GCP glass washer’s simple, easy-to-clean exterior is partnered with simple easy-to-use SMARTONIC control and can rinse with hot water.  


Precision nozzles  +  Water, detergent and energy consumption down by 35%  +  Patented features include fine filter system, SMARTONIC control, drying manager system, door system VAPOSTOP and hygiene cycle active  +  German-made  +  Options between hot or cold water rinse  +  Quality manager guarantee  


1.9L fresh water rinse volume  +  1.9L of water consumption per cycle  +  315mm usable chamber height  +  Supplied with (1) glass rack, plus stainless steel grid for use with other rack sizes


Premax GCP + Profi GC + Ecomax450 + Ecomax400

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