Premax FP Undercounter Dishwasher by Hobart Food Equipment

Hobart’s Premax FP undercounter dishwasher is part of Hobart Food Equipment’s extensive range of quality dishwasher solutions ideal for commercial kitchens.  The undercounter dishwasher is designed and engineered to produce the best, economical and ecological results.  Premax FP includes the 1.6 litre per cycle water consumption VAPOrinse ecosteam technology. This combines with the GENIUS X-2 filter to reduce water, chemical and energy consumption to minimize machine operating costs and impact on the environment. Users can also enjoy easier operation and maintenance with Premax FP’s large easy-to-use single button SMARTRONIC control, self cleaning cycle and a drying manager that assists with drying the product and reduces the need for polishing glass ware and other items.  A few of the many other innovations in Premax FP include: lowest water consumption of any undercounter machine, efficient detergent use, constant and accurate water distribution with the patented wide angle fan nozzles and hygiene cycle to maintain the hygiene integrity of the machine and ensure the best possible wash result for every cycle. Hobart’s Premax FP undercounter dishwasher is extremely efficient, reliable and innovative and all inclusive  – including racks, fill and drain hoses, chemical dispensers, and more to cater for every dishwashing challenge. 


Water consumption only 1.6L per cycle  +   GENIUS X-2 filter continuously filters water  +  Simple graphics to indicate washing status  +  Efficient detergent use  +  Door system VAPOSTOP  +  German-made  +  Precision nozzles  +  Reduced water, detergent and energy consumption  +  SMARTRONIC control  +  Drying manager system   


Up to 40 racks, 720 plates / 1,440 glasses / hour 


Premax FP + Profi FX + Profi FX Marine Versions + Ecomax450 + Ecomax 500

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