Monika HACCP-based Networked Temperature Monitoring System

Hospitality solutions are just getting smarter and Monika is leading the way with their HACCP-based Networked Monitoring systems. The Monika Pathfinder RF Wireless Networked Module saves time with automatic data collection while protecting your food with real time alerts. A wall mounted Product Simulation Sensor is wired to a Monika slave transmitter sends temperatures continuously to a Monika Network Master Unit where they are continuously logged and downloaded to your PC. Put in simpler terms, the Monika Pathfinder RF Wireless Networked Module networks your cold rooms, refrigerators, hot cupboards and other food storage appliances across your hospitality site. Temperature alerts are highlighted in your PC as they occur, and where these are critical they can be relayed by text message to appropriate team members. It is also possible to collect and graph additional data that helps to save money whilst monitoring compressor or valve activity.

Similarly Monika also supplies the Monika Data Logging Module, which collects data from your cold rooms, cabinets and appliances rather than network them from back to your PC. Best suited for a small facility with a limited number of units and a limited budget, the Data Logging Module can be easily adapted on larger sites. Monika’s Data Logging Module allows for fully encrypted temperature history and alert log reports, saving food, time and money.

With both the Pathfinder RF Wireless Networked Module, and the Data Logging Module, Monika is leading the way into the future of networked hospitality solutions.

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