Meiko Commercial Dishwashers by Green Hospitality Solutions

Green Hospitality Solutions (GHS) specialise in cost-effective, sustainable hygiene and temperature monitoring solutions to provide businesses with a safer working environment and minimise risk of bacteria and viruses.

GHS are NSW-based Distributor for Meiko commercial dishwashers , which are the premium choice in warewashing equipment with  user friendly features and providing clients with savings in energy, water and detergent consumption.

Meiko have a product range for all applications including underbench, automatic conveyors, tray conveyer and  sorting systems. Meiko machines are found in hotels and restaurants, food  manufacturing facilities, aged care and hospitals, in-flight catering operations and on board cruise ships. 

Some of the features that set Meiko apart include:  Double wall construction and insulation;  rounded edges for safe and easy cleaning;  excellent sound insulation;  easy removal of food residue due to double filter system and Meiko’s unique Automatic Dosing Technology.  Most importantly, Meiko dishwashers will wash your dishes thoroughly leaving them hygienically clean for your clients.

Meiko Australia Pacific is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Meiko German parent company and all Meiko machines are manufactured in the Offenburg facility in Germany. Meiko machines have 3 years warranty on most models, supported by local service and spare parts.  

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