Marble has transformed itself into a contemporary finish which truly adds elegance and style to an interior scheme.

Favored by designers and decorators, the use of marble in homes around Australia and the world has increased over the past few years.

With amazing colours and styles such as the elegant Calacatta and the NEW Grigio Carnico Marble adding real impact; their distinctive veining will create a powerful statement in any home or commercial environment. 

Marble is formed over thousands of years by pressure. Multiple types of minerals form together to create its unique color and texture. This is why so many designers prefer to use this stone to add texture and impact to any room.

Marble is suitable for interior use including floors, walls and countertops and available in tile and slab format.

Sareen Stone collection of stunning marble includes:

+ Calacatta  & Carrara Bianco C
+ Emperador & Gregorio
+ Grigio Carnico
+ Peitra Grey
+ Creama Malfi  & Creama Vialle Premium
+ Liguario
+ Monaco Brown
+ Imperial Grey & Imperial Oyster

Sareen Stone Marble is available in the following finishes:

+ Polished
+ Honed
+ Tumbled
+ Antiquated

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