KWC EVE is a shining example of KWC’s creativity and innovation. The unique combination of high quality stainless steel and a stream of water subtly illuminated by KWC LUMINAQUA, LED lighting which creates a sculpture of light that captivates with its slim, curved and feminine outline, transforming it into an object of desire. This is complemented by truly sophisticated functionality that makes KWC EVE an absolute highlight without compromise and the standout piece in every kitchen.

EVE is based on pioneering technology setting new standards for an exclusive kitchen culture. The powerful LED light ring is integrated into a pull-down aerator that is invisible at first sight but offers a full range of motion.

KWC EVE is also available without light, to suit every kitchen application and now backed with a 15 year warranty* you can be assured that your Eve mixer is designed to last and built to the highest Swiss standards.

*terms and conditions apply

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