Hobart Food Equipment’s Premax AUP Universal Hood Type Dishwasher

The Premax AUP Universal hood type dishwasher is another quality offering from Hobart Food Equipment’s highly efficient and innovative Premax range ideal for commercial use.  The universal hood type dishwasher incorporates numerous features that combine excellent washing performance with low energy, water and detergent consumption resulting in low operating costs.   Premax AUP conserves energy by using a unique E-store hood concept that ensures up to 50% of heat is saved by preventing the escape of hot steam. Patented angle fan nozzles maximise water distribution throughout the dishwasher while increased water pressure and a consistent wash temperature of 63°C ensures dishes are always cleaned perfectively with minimum water consumption.  The Genius-X2 advanced filter system keepswash water cleaner longer therefore reducing costs and reduces detergent consumption up to 30%.  Hobart’s Premax AUP also includes: a self cleaning cycle, an easy lift hood design, wash program power-plus & starch-removal, heat and sound insulation to name a few.   To provide the operator with maximum savings the Premax AUP is also available with drain heat recovery allowing the machine to run on cold waterand thus not requiring an independent hot water supply.


Genius-X2  +  Wide angle nozzle fan  +  Wash sytsem rotor-x  +  Hygienic  +  Permanent wash program  +  Heat element ecotherm  +  Wash program power-plus  +  Cleaning cycle starch-removal  +  Strainer control system roof +  Hot-temp wash  +  Remaining time indicator  +  Refill signal  +  Water softening system nonstop  +  Filter obstruction sensor +  E-store  +  Heat and sound insulation in hood  +  Rinse system accurinse  +  Heat recovery E-save 


Premax AUP + Premax AUP-R  +  Profi AM900  +  Profi AMZX  +  Profi AMX-R  +  Profi AMX Marine Versions +  Ecomax600

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