Escape MKII Shower Collection

The Escape MKII collection by Methven is a solid architectural and sustainable design that’s as practical as it is beautiful. This ranges organic curves meshed with crisp edges mix classical form with modern design accents, creating a timeless look that’s a statement piece in any bathroom.

Constructed with clean lines and a strong, dynamic form, this collection also features Methven’s renowned Satinjet® technology, offering a full-bodied spray for all-over warmth and maximum body contact. Satinjet® technology’s colliding twin jets produce over 300,000 droplets of water per second to deliver voluminous shower coverage, resulting in an immersive, full-body experience. A unique function of the showers within this range is the added Satinjet® massage function, offering a more powerful spray with a touch of opulence.

Products in this collection include:

  • Twin Shower System
  • Overhead Shower
  • Rail Shower
  • Hand Shower
  • Wall Shower

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