‘Élan’ Stainless Steel Warm Air Hand Dryer

The ‘Élan’ Stainless Steel Warm Air Hand Dryer from RBA & Bobrick, is sensor operated and comes with a 5 year Warranty to provide Building Managers with peace of mind. In addition to the hygienic benefits of ‘no-touch’ activation, the smooth curves of the ‘Élan’ have been well accepted by designers and matches comfortably with RBA’s Contura range of bathroom accessories. If architects need to think outside the square, they will welcome the ‘Eclipse’ Hand Dryer. Available in white enamel, or the attention-grabbing bright chrome, the Eclipse is easily identified by its elliptical appearance. Backed by a massive 10 Year warranty, you can make a statement without risk. For those tougher environments, specifiers may opt for the reliability of the ‘AirCraft’ Hand Dryer. The combination of 10 Year Warranty, Cast Iron Manufacturing and recessed, in-wall design, means the ‘AirCraft’ Dryer can handle the toughest customers.

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