Conventional Air Conditioner

The DeLonghi DEFS58 Conventional Air Conditioner features novel functions such as turbo power and Electronic Climate Control, as well as wall-fitted temperature sensors and remote control, and the I_COMFORT function, which allows the user to choose whether temperature sensing occurs at the unit or the location of the remote control. Hygiene is also of paramount importance, which is where the Biosilver Techsystem comes into play, with its unique combination of electrostatic, silver ion, and biological filters.

‘Smart’ completely automatic operation + Auto restart + Three fan speeds + Hot start + Sleep function + Intelligent defrosting + Visual diagnostic function + Timed off and on function

Dimensions: Indoor Unit: 1020 (L) X 310 (H) X 250 (D) mm + Dimensions: outdoor Unit: 840 (L) X 670 (H) X 300 (D) mm + Weight: outdoor/indoor: 52/14 Kg + Star rating: 4.5

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